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NG-BOS System – Breakout Doors

The ADIS NG BOS automatic door system has created easy access for areas in a variety of venues that require access for large portable objects, and allows for maximum fire egress.
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ADIS Automatic Doors

The NG BOS system not only makes access easy but allows for productive traffic flow when large crowds are accessing specific areas. The system complies with the Australian building code and is a valuable development in automatic doors.


  • Type-tested sliding door system with swing-out fittings
  • Designed for the use of escape routes
  • Swinging out the leaves in escape direction with adjustable force up to 110 N
  • Single-leaf and double-leaf design
  • With swing-out side panels
  • With fixed side panels
  • Without side panels
  • The low installation height of ADIS BOS is only 135mm tall
  • Allows for maximum passage heights and widths
  • Allows easy retrofitting to existing window and facade profiles.

This system allows cherry pickers and other large portable objects to have easy access. For use in car showrooms, shopping centres/clubs and other commercial buildings.

NGA-BOS system allows maximum fire egress to assist with fire exit calculation.

NOTE: For systems with fixed sidelights doors need to be hung on the exterior face of the screen. For buildings which require maximum exit provision e.g. theatres, public halls, and large shopping centres.

The ADIS NGA-BOS emergency egress system is engineered to comply with Australian building code under section D2.19 (b) (v) section D that requires doors to break open in the direction of travel.

Fully Controllable Remote Pad

The automatic door is controlled by a six-position digital keypad with Lock, Auto, Exit, Hold Open, Climate and Off Modes.

Pelmet Hinge

The ADIS pelmet design features a unique interlocking hinge to provide secure closure and maximum cover even when mounted hard up against the ceiling.

High Security Locking

An electric lock option is available to give total security and can be adapted where manual locking can not be achieved, i.e. frameless toughened glass doors. Lock type is the microprocessor-controlled electric locking system. The microprocessor monitors all aspects of the locks functions; e.g. To ensure the door is fully closed when the lock is 100% engaged. Terminal outputs are available to signal to security systems both door position and lock status. The microprocessor is also self-diagnosing.


Activation shall be one of the following:

• Microwave sensors
• Flush-mounted sensors
• Passive infrared sensors
• Fine line sensors
• Induction loops
• Remote control transmitter
• Key card system.

Awards Winning Products

ADIS Automatic Doors have been successful in achieving the Australian design award for excellence in product design & excellence in product efficiency.

ADIS Automatic Doors


The operator shall be installed by the manufacturer or the authorised service agent.

3 Years Full Parts Warranty

All ADIS framed door units are covered by a three-year parts warranty and a 12-month labour warranty.

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