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NGP Platform Doors

Next Generation Series of BRT / PSD doors
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BRT Half Height and Full Height Platform Screen doors BRT PSD system is applied to Bus Rapid Transit station. It is set by the edge of the BRT station, which separates the station waiting area from the buses. The PSD can be automatically opened and closed when buses arrive or departure, which creates a safe, comfortable environment for the passengers.

PSD system is installed for BRT in most cities. As a new technology application, it plays a very important role in city transportation.

Automatic Platform Screen Doors
Full Height PSD Doors
Half Height PSD Doors
for Transport Industry for BRT applications.


  • Maximum opening width – 4000 mm
  • Maximum door weight – 240 kg
  • Opening speed, variable – 250-1200 mm/sec
  • Closing speed, variable – 50-600 mm/sec
  • Door open dwell time – 0-30 sec
  • Manual opening/closing force – <30N

BRT Platform Screen Door System

Half Height PSD Doors

I. General Technical Parameters

The system has two opening modes: single slide opening and bi-parting opening
System total height: ≤1800mm
System total thickness: ≤300mm
Tolerance of vehicle parking position: ≤200mm
Wireless control between vehicle and Platform Screen Door uses infrared remote control. Infrared remote control distance: ≤500mm (LH&RH); ±2000mm (between infrared transmitter and receiver);

Full Height PSD Doors

Heavy Duty PSD Doors by ADIS Australia

PSDs are composed of three main parts – the glass wall, the glass sliding doors, and the door mechanism (and connected accessories).PSD can be installed at level with the bus floor or recessed by at least 600mm from the footpath edge, i.e. at street level. In both cases, PSDs offer an increased level of safety for pedestrians at bus stopping locations, segregating vehicle movement from pedestrian activity.

The door mechanism includes a number of modules, including the door control unit and the various control panels connected to this door system.

Fully Controllable Remote Pad

The automatic door is controlled by a six-position digital keypad with Lock, Auto, Exit, Hold Open, Climate and Off Modes.

Pelmet Hinge

The ADIS pelmet design features a unique interlocking hinge to provide secure closure and maximum cover even when mounted hard up against the ceiling.

High Security Locking

An electric lock option is available to give total security and can be adapted where manual locking can not be achieved, i.e. frameless toughened glass doors. Lock type is the microprocessor-controlled electric locking system. The microprocessor monitors all aspects of the locks functions; e.g. To ensure the door is fully closed when the lock is 100% engaged. Terminal outputs are available to signal to security systems both door position and lock status. The microprocessor is also self-diagnosing.


Activation shall be one of the following:

• Microwave sensors
• Flush-mounted sensors
• Passive infrared sensors
• Fine line sensors
• Induction loops
• Remote control transmitter
• Key card system.

Awards Winning Products

ADIS Automatic Doors have been successful in achieving the Australian design award for excellence in product design & excellence in product efficiency.

ADIS Automatic Doors


The operator shall be installed by the manufacturer or the authorised service agent.

3 Years Full Parts Warranty

All ADIS framed door units are covered by a three-year parts warranty and a 12-month labour warranty.

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