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Genius Ultraslim 73mm Profile

Genius Ultra Slim 73mm Profile – NGU System

It delivers maximum performance and reliability in a compact track housing, while still having all the features of the revolutionary NG series door operators. The Genius Ultraslim 73mm utilises ADIS’s latest in microprocessor technology and motor design.

Genius Ultraslim Frameless Specifications




The Automatic Door Operator is to be a fully electric operator, housed in an extruded aluminium low profile transom section (Height 73mm x Width 147mm) the unit shall be Australian made by an Australian owned company, must comply to AS5007-2007, to suit bi-parting or single sliding doors.

  1. The equipment will incorporate electronic computerized DC Motor with a built-in optical sensor for precise movement, high torque for a maintenance-free life.
  2. The pelmet shall incorporate an integrated for secure closure and maximum cover. The design shall enable the operator to be fitted flush to the ceiling when required, while the pelmet may be opened fully or removed for access.
  3. The multifunctional microprocessor control unit shall feature the following:
    • Self-calibrating and programmable modes.
    • Fully compensates door weight and friction, therefore, delivering the optimum force for efficient operation.
    • Independent circuits for pressing closed at the end of the closing stroke.
    • Provision for full interfacing with all types of building security/alarm systems.
    • Open speed control.
    • Closing speed control.
    • Brake control: preventing the doors from slamming shut.
    • End Position-damping control for accurate slow down of door movement.
    • Built-in UPS (uninterrupted power supply) for the continued operation of the door under power failure when the doors are locked.
  4. The tracking system is to be dual linear track designed for accuracy and long service life fitted with anti rise wheels with no possibility of doors disengaging off tracks. The upper track shall be made of harder and stronger alloy and be replaceable. Each track wheel is fitted with track wipers to maintain clean contact.
  5. Safety feature: Moving doors will automatically reverse when closing if obstructed
  6. During a power failure or emergency, the Failsafe device will fully open the doors unless the doors are in the lock mode whereas the doors will remain closed and secure until power is restored, egress via the doors can be made by activation of the exit push button.
  7. Provision for climate control shall be available. Door opening can be restricted from 50% of normal door operation during high winds or low traffic situations.
  8. Dual sets of sun-resistant P.E. safety light cells flush-mounted in the door jambs will prevent doors from closing if the threshold area is obstructed. Fitting of P.E. light cells will be at 150mm and 600mm from finished floor level.

Alternately the door can be made safe by the use of a safety presence sensor mounted above the door head with an activation area of no more 100mm from the face of the door.

Door drive shall be by way of an 850 kg breaking strain toothed belt reinforced with fibreglass tensile members & will incorporate nylon facing surface for pulley tooth protection, for silent and service-free operation.


The following functions can be selected through your wall-mounted key switch or options board:

  • Auto: Doors are operated automatically via the movement sensors.
  • Open: Doors maintained in open position continuously.
  • Exit: Doors remain closed activated only by exiting traffic.
  • Lock: Doors remain closed and locked where optional electric lock function has been installed. Exit by way of emergency exit button.
march2006 007
Multi Functional Mode Pad
The automatic door is controlled by a six-position digital keypad with Lock, Auto, Exit, Hold Open, Climate and Off Modes.
Pelmet Hinge
The ADIS pelmet design features a unique interlocking hinge to provide secure closure and maximum cover even when mounted hard up against the ceiling.
High Security Locking
An electric lock option is available to give total security and can be adapted where manual locking can not be achieved, i.e. frameless toughened glass doors. Lock type is the microprocessor-controlled electric locking system. The microprocessor monitors all aspects of the locks functions; e.g. To ensure the door is fully closed when the lock is 100% engaged. Terminal outputs are available to signal to security systems both door position and lock status. The microprocessor is also self-diagnosing.
Activation shall be one of the following:
  • Microwave sensors
  • Flush-mounted sensors
  • Passive infrared sensors
  • Fine line sensors
  • Induction loops
  • Remote control transmitter
  • Key card system.
  • Advantages
  • Australian made
  • Maximum opening width – 4000 mm
  • Maximum door weight for bi-parting doors – 300kg
  • An opening speed with double-leaf variable – 25-1300 mm/sec
  • A closing speed with double-leaf variable – 25-1300 mm/sec
  • Door open dwell time – 0-30 sec
  • Manual opening/closing force – <30N
  • Slimline modern design only 132mm in overall track height
  • The compact modular design of motor drive system Latest digital microprocessor controller to gain more exact control of the door operator
  • Provision to interface with building security and fire systems
  • Over-engineered to take total door weights of up to 300kg (max single leaf door weight of 150kg)
  • The main transom housing is hard coated anodised to give smooth operation of the exclusive dual-track system
  • NATA tested with 300kg doors to comply with Australian Standards
  • No exposed wiring due to concealed wiring system
  • UPS Lithium (Uninterrupted Power Supply) can allow doors to continue to operate under power failure. This optional extra allows the ADIS NGA operator to work 800 cycles or 28hours after disruption
  • Improved multiple safety features to ensure maximum user safety
  • High-security electric motor locking system with battery reserve back up Zone activation sensor system that uses the latest presence detection technology to improve overall safety
  • Unique interlocking cover pelmet which prevents any chances of pelmet cover dislodging from the main track system. An added safety feature.