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About Us

Our Story

From humble beginnings, the owners of ADIS Automatic Doors, both tradesmen in their own right, identified the need for a true Australian-owned, designed product. They went about contracting for all the major automatic door companies, of the time to gain knowledge and ultimately design their own product and lead them to be awarded the Australian Design Award for their automatic door unit.

Over the years the company has grown greatly both here and overseas. Our products have been recognised for their reliability and performance as well as keeping an eye out to create and improve our products by adding to the existing range. If there has ever been a great Australian success story ADIS Auto Doors would be one of them.

Our Vision

The ADIS philosophy is to provide a high-quality product at a competitive price with the highest standard of backup service – all to achieve total customer satisfaction.
ADIS Automatic Doors has had an unbeaten run in the door market for over three decades. We are proud to have won the Australian Design Awards for Excellence in Product Design and Excellence in Product Efficiency.
Introducing the Next Generation (NG) of automatic doors is a significant technological advancement in the Australian automatic door market.
The ADIS Research and Design Team developed this new series of door equipment to ensure maximum performance, durability and reliability – as well as full compliance with the new Australian AS 5007 Standard.

Growth Model

• Ongoing technological advancement and product development
• Superior products and service
• Pride and professionalism
• Ethical business practices