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Swing Door System

Swing Door Operator – iSwing System

Enjoy the high performance with a slim door operator design

Multi Functional Mode Pad
The automatic door is controlled by a six-position digital keypad with Lock, Auto, Exit, Hold Open, Climate and Off Modes.
Pelmet Hinge
The ADIS pelmet design features a unique interlocking hinge to provide secure closure and maximum cover even when mounted hard up against the ceiling.
High Security Locking
An electric lock option is available to give total security and can be adapted where manual locking can not be achieved, i.e. frameless toughened glass doors. Lock type is the microprocessor-controlled electric locking system. The microprocessor monitors all aspects of the locks functions; e.g. To ensure the door is fully closed when the lock is 100% engaged. Terminal outputs are available to signal to security systems both door position and lock status. The microprocessor is also self-diagnosing.
Activation shall be one of the following:
  • Microwave sensors
  • Flush-mounted sensors
  • Passive infrared sensors
  • Fine line sensors
  • Induction loops
  • Remote control transmitter
  • Key card system.
  • Safety Systems
    The iSwing Door Operator complies with Australian standard AS5007 requirement for the safe operation by either of two methods.
  • A- The speed of the door is limited to greater than 3 seconds to open or close or
  • B- Presence safety sensors are fitted to each door leaf to detect persons in the doors path whilst opening and closing
  • Features
  • Australian made
  • Slimline design
  • Designed to comply with Aust Standards
  • High-security locking option
  • Push n Go function
  • UPS battery backup option
  • Energy-efficient low power consumption
  • Silent operation
  • Maximum opening width – 4000 mm
  • Maximum door weight – 240 kg
  • Opening speed, variable – 250-1200 mm/sec
  • Closing speed, variable – 50-600 mm/sec
  • Door open dwell time – 0-30 sec
  • Manual opening/closing force – <30N
  • The ADIS iSwing automatic door operator is a hi-tech, heavy-duty module that comes with both push arm and swing arm configurations, guaranteed to give you a seamless and nearly silent operation of opening and closing doors as if by magic.

    Designed to comply with Australian Standards, the iSwing is packed with a multitude of features and options, from electronic locks and UPS battery backup to instant access via a radio transmitter remote control.

    Not only is the iSwing energy-efficient, but it’s also designed for smooth integration with other modern technologies such as swipe card readers and fire alarm systems.

    Because it was designed with Australian Standards in mind, this automatic door operator can be configured to a safe speed, either at a set rate of more than three seconds or through the aid of presence sensors fitted to each door leaf.

    Since we’ve put such care into this product, we guarantee that you’ll get a high standard of performance and the utmost value for your money.


    The following functions can be selected through your wall-mounted key switch or options board:

    • Auto: Doors are operated automatically via the movement sensors.
    • Open: Doors maintained in open position continuously.
    • Exit: Doors remain closed activated only by exiting traffic.
    • Lock: Doors remain closed and locked where optional electric lock function has been installed. Exit by way of emergency exit button.