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Sliding Doors

ADIS Automatic Doors manufacture a wide range of sliding door operators to suit all needs. Models include commercial aluminium framed, commercial frameless glass, ultra slimline profile, disabled toilet door systems, industrial and pharmaceutical doors, cavity sliding system, breakout emergency systems and telescopic systems.

NGA System for Framed Doors
NGF System for Frameless Doors
NGT System for Multiple Doors

Swing Doors

Enjoy the high performance with a slim door design. The ADIS iSwing automatic door operator is a hi-tech, heavy-duty module that comes with both push arm and swing arm configurations, guaranteed to give you a seamless and nearly silent operation of opening and closing doors as if by magic.

Toilet Doors

The Automatic Door Operator is to be a fully electric operator, housed in an extruded aluminium low profile transom section (Height 132mm x Width 155mm) the unit shall be Australian made by an Australian owned company, must comply to AS4085-1992, have a class 3 rating, to suit bi-parting or single sliding doors.

Slimline Frame

The doors and sidelights for the automatic door entry screen shall be constructed from ADIS slimline safety door system, designed to conform to the new Australian Standard for Automatic Doors AS 5007.


The ADIS NGSL System is designed to be a universal, easy to install product that will transform your existing, manual, free-running residential sliding doors and sliding windows to be automated, revolutionising your home experience with ease.


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Advanced Technology

Wireless Remote Control

Handheld remote controls can open and close doors plus secure them locked.


Overhead mounted activation sensors come as infrared or microwave to open the doors as a person approaches the doorway.

Electric locking

High-security electric locking is available for all systems to ensure security is a priority.

Battery UPS

A Lithium battery UPS back up power supply ensures that the door operates for up to 28 hours during a power failure

Numeric Keypad

Digital keypads allow access to selected people whilst the doors are locked.