Automatic Door Operator for Domestic Sliding Doors
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Experience convenience like you never have before, with NGSL. It can be easily added to your existing sliding doors.

The ADIS NGSL System is designed to be a universal, easy to install product that will transform your existing, manual, free-running residential sliding doors and sliding windows to be automated, revolutionising your home experience with ease.

The ADIS NGSL is based on a simple motor and drive belt system. It is encased in a sleek frame that adapts to the design of your existing sliding doorway. The smart controller operates the opening, closing and locking functions with many options to activate including, push buttons and motion sensors


Automating access doors for the ones you love.

There comes a time when we all need a little help. The ADIS NGSL by converting your manual sliding door to an automatic sliding door can increase accessibility in your home.

With a push of a button or handwave, you can activate your sliding doors preventing the need for outside assistance for a simple trip out to the patio. Making life easier while living independently, the NGSL enhances daily living.

Take one more worry off your mind by automating access doors for the ones you love.

Smarter Living

Enhance your entertainment area.

NGSL is an automatic sliding door system that can be attached to existing sliding doors, internal or external, to enable the doors to open and close automatically.

No more pushing or pulling of the doors. It is a retrofit system designed to automate your existing sliding doors. The system fits most sliding doorways easily with very little to no modifications necessary. The door is activated by specially designed wall-mounted wireless push buttons, or motion sensors.

The NGSL can be easily installed on wooden, glass, aluminium and UPVC single and bi-parting doors. Enhance your entertainment area with the NGSL automated sliding doors.


Multiple Options For Type Of Sliding Doors


Fully Controllable Remote Pad

The automatic door is controlled by a six-position digital keypad with Lock, Auto, Exit, Hold Open, Climate and Off Modes.

High Security Locking

An electric lock option is available to give total security and can be adapted where manual locking can not be achieved, i.e. frameless toughened glass doors. Lock type is the microprocessor-controlled electric locking system. The microprocessor monitors all aspects of the locks functions; e.g. To ensure the door is fully closed when the lock is 100% engaged. Terminal outputs are available to signal to security systems both door position and lock status. The microprocessor is also self-diagnosing.


Activation shall be one of the following:

• Microwave sensors
• Flush-mounted sensors
• Passive infrared sensors
• Fine line sensors
• Induction loops
• Remote control transmitter
• Key card system.

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