ADIS Accessories


100% Cross-Contamination Free

A transmitter mounted to a wheelchair can be detected 1, 2 or 3 metres from the doorway allowing selective use of the door to just the one who needs it.


Overhead mounted activation sensors come as infrared or microwave to open the doors as a person or wheelchair approaches the doorway.

Wave To Open

Touchless sensor, hygienic and 100% no cross-contamination.


No Cables no wholes
Wireless Keypad

Digital keypads allow access to people whilst the doors are locked.

Wireless Remote Control

Handheld remote controls can open and close doors plus secure them locked.

Wireless Push Botton

Wall-mounted buttons can be used to open doors via radio transmission or hard-wired.


Add flexibility to your entry
Electric Locking

High-security electric locking is available for all systems to ensure home security is a priority.

Battery UPS

A lithium battery UPS back up power supply ensures that the door operates for up to 28 hours after a power failure.

Auto Window

The same motor drive system can be used to remotely open and close a sliding window.

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